This page will list important "How To" information that will provide you 'do-it-yourself' instructions when it comes to repairing your desktop or laptop. If you have any questions regarding any information on this page, feel free to contact me.

HOW-TO Topics...

  • Recover / Read Data from a Hard Drive - Many clients have problems reading their hard drives from their desktops/laptops due to bad system file error or whatever. Although your operating system won't start, that doesn't mean you can't still retrieve the data off the hard drive. Learn one method that will allow you to access the contents of your hard drive fast and with ease.
  • Test your internet connection speed using this FREE tester. Click on the icon below.
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  • Install a FREE Anti-Virus with a Firewall. Click on the icon below.
    FREE Anti-Virus Software
  • Install a FREE Anti-Malware. Click on the icon below.
    FREE Anti-Virus Software

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